International call for tenders for the recruitment of technical assistance in support of tax transition in West Africa

Country : Burkina Faso
objectives of the project   :The contract aims to provide long-term and short-term technical assistance, support the program’s training action and the implementation of other contributions likely to improve the management of domestic taxation of ECOWAS member states and strengthen the system of coordination, monitoring and evaluation of fiscal transition programs at the level of each Commission (ECOWAS and UEMOA) and at the level of Members states. As a reminder, the objective of the West Africa tax transition support program is to support the implementation of tax transition programs in West Africa, following the implementation of regional policies of trade liberalization (Customs Union, TEC, EPA,). Three products are expected:

(i) the management of the internal taxation of the Member States is improved and better coordinated in the region;

(ii) the fight against fraud, tax evasion, illicit financial flows and corruption is stepped up and contributes to increasing tax revenues;
(iii) the system of coordination, monitoring and evaluation of tax transition programs is strengthened at the level of each Commission and at the level of MS.
Duration :The duration of the assignment 2 years
Job Spécification:The purpose of this contract is to recruit technical assistance to carry out the following activities • organize annual ECOWAS seminars to clarify basic VAT rules with exchanges of experiences and good practices; • analyze the capacities of national tax administrations to manage VAT and facilitate cooperation between stakeholders (private sector and tax administration);  • assess and possibly revise the ECOWAS VAT Directive, on the one hand, help transpose the directive in MS that have not yet done so; August 2018 Page 59 of 124 • carry out awareness-raising / communication actions on VAT rules (ECOWAS brochure or online guide) for professionals;  • reserve a place of choice for civil society organizations and the private sector for better advocacy on the application of VAT;  • define the missions of short-term experts relating to product 1 (terms of reference) and supervise their work.
Searched profilAs part of the execution of this project, the following profile could be requested:

Senior tax expert, specialist in indirect taxation, in VAT management:

Qualifications and skills • Holder of a diploma in public finance, jurist, tax expert, statistician economist or equivalent qualification (BAC + 5 at least); • The expert must have a strategic vision, demonstrate a good capacity for analysis of tax systems, in particular indirect taxes. It will also have to demonstrate a capacity to strengthen the capacities of ROs.  • Excellent command of the most common computer tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and messaging; • Perfect command of English and French (reading, writing, speaking);  • Great aptitude for multicultural and multidisciplinary teamwork, coordination, networking and facilitation; • Any additional training in the field of monitoring and evaluation and results-based management is an asset.

General professional experience • At least twelve (12) years of professional experience in tax administration, including VAT;  • Having worked in at least 3 different countries, including at least one English-speaking country in sub-Saharan Africa will be an asset; • At least proven experience in managing a team of multidisciplinary experts in VAT; • Good understanding of the challenges of regional economic integration.

Specific professional experience • Good experience in analysis and / or management of tax reforms will be an advantage; • Knowledge of UEMOA and ECOWAS directives and in particular of the fiscal transition program will be an advantage.  • Professional experience of at least 7 years in VAT management • Work experience in the field of tax transition; • Demonstrated competence in drafting terms of reference is an asset.

Working language (s): The working language is French and English  
Monitoring:Please send your application to with the reference « Senior Tax Expert» by copying et