Consultancy for the provision of Project Management Services to the Directorate of Customs Union and Taxation of the ECOWAS Commission for the Implementation of the Project Streamlining Tax, Revenue Management, and digitalization of Customs Administrations in 5 ECOWAS Countries – Multinational (Liberia, Mali Niger, Sierra Leone and The Gambia).

The Project Management firm is to assist in the implementation of the technical assistance and capacity building for Customs Administrations in Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone and the Gambia under the project called: streamlining tax, revenue management and digitalization of customs administrations in 5 ECOWAS States.


More specifically, the project will:

  • Establish the interconnectivity of customs systems that allows the automated transmission of customs data in order to facilitate the movement of transit cargo along trade corridors in Mali and the Gambia;
  • Set up a pilot tracking system for petroleum products in Niger;
  • Modernize Customs information technology infrastructure, through system upgrade (ASYCUDA ++ to World) and roll out to support electronic data management to enable the Customs administrations of Liberia and Sierra Leone to strengthen their internal capacities by streamlining of tax and revenue management;
  • Facilitate the effective implementation of the ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme which is a regional and cross border initiative on the movement of goods and services.
  • Establish a digital payments ecosystem, capable of supporting all types of mass payments to ensure the transparency, security and optimisation of public resource management;
  • Allow tax and customs administrations and other government bodies, through digitisation and automation, to improve public resource management effectiveness and efficiency as well as transparency;
  • Encourage the financial inclusion of vulnerable segments of the population by promoting G2P and P2G payments and providing meaningful financial education; and
  • Develop the population’s tax compliance through digital channels and contribute to the formalisation of VSE primarily operating in the informal sector.


LINPICO is looking for the following experts :

  1. Coordinator/Trade Facilitation Expert to oversee the implementation of the project according to a project schedule, with milestones, due dates and resources, in coordination with the staff of the Directorate of Customs Union and Taxation of the ECOWAS Commission. The Coordinator will help with the documentation of each phase of the project, as well as working with teams to submit progress reports, and build relationships with in-country teams and partners to support the success and impact of project activities.


  1. Procurement Specialist to provide the highest standards of procurement services and advice to the project, as well as ensuring the integrity and transparency of the procurement process and compliance with the AfDB Bank rules and regulations. The Procurement Officer will work with the Director of Financial Reporting and Reconciliation of the ECOWAS Commission to provide clarifications and advice on procurement procedures and practices; manage filing and archiving of administrative and technical documents and update registers regularly; maintain relevant internal databases and files; keeps track of contractual agreements and purchase orders; maintain a proper and systematic archive system.


  1. Accountant to implement sound accounting systems, maintaining up to date project accounts, day-to-day administration of project funds and ensuring that these conform to the administrative and financial requirements and procedures and in line with the African Development Bank-funded projects financial management requirements. The Accountant will prepare annual and quarterly financial reports in compliance with the applicable accounting standards; Facilitate and support the Project Coordinator and the Project Management Team in organizing the logistics to facilitate project implementation; Supporting capacity building within the implementing agency with regard to donor financial management requirements.


  1. M&E Specialist to review an M&E management framework/system for the implementing agency; Working in necessary coordination with the other relevant implementing agencies with the assistance of M&E officers to establish project specific M&E frameworks and/or systems, collect necessary data and undertaking necessary analysis of the data collected, evaluate the project implementation in term of achievement of project development objectives and compliance with the project development objectives; Establish and implement the M&E system for the institution in relation to the specific projects/ programs; Collect necessary data for monitoring and evaluating the project; Monitor and review project implementation regularly to assess delivery, identify challenges and bottlenecks and explore practical solutions; Assist the ECOWAS Commission in generating regular quarterly reports and annually report.



Please email your Curriculum Vitae to Ismaël AMOUSSA on with “ECOWAS CUSTOMS – Position Title” in the subject and Cc. In and