Recruitment – Institutional capacity building of the Indian Ocean Commission

The main task of the technical assistance team is to assist the IOC Secretariat in achieving the specific objectives and expected results of the INCA project.  The overall objective of the institutional capacity building project (INCA) is to contribute to the economic development of Small Island Developing States and promote their regional integration in a sustainable manner.

The specific objective of the INCA project is to build the institutional capacity of the IOC  and its Member states in order to implement and monitor the IOC’s Strategic Development Plan (SDP). The aim is to be able to plan, identify, formulate, manage and evaluate projects and programmes and to comply with the EU 7-pillar assessment in a sustainable manner.

The main expected results to be achieved by the INCA project are, in line with the 11th EDF RIP, namely:

  • Improved Performance of the IOC Secretariat and its Member States in the implementation of the IOC Strategic Development Plan and its successor plan, including the results-based management tool.
  • Enhanced public financial management capacity of the IOC Secretariat to comply with the 7-pillar assessment recommendations.

LINPICO is looking for the following experts:

  • Team Leader, with experience in EU / EDF Regional Projects Programmation, Procurement and Implementation. Some “Regional Authorizing Officer” (RAO) technical assistance experience would be an asset
  • Financial expert, with  EU 4/7 pillar compliance capacity building experience. Audit, internal control and regional integration institutions experience would be an asset
  • Monitoring and Evaluation expert, with regional integration experience (for institutions), would be an asset


Please email your Curriculum Vitae to Axel CAMBRILLAT on with “IOC – Position Title” in the subject and Cc. in  [email protected].