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Angola: long-Term Technical Assistance and Training to the Office of the National Authorizing Officer of the European Development Fund

The “Long-Term Technical Assistance and Training to the Office of the National Authorizing Officer of the European Development Fund (SAON) in the Republic of Angola” project which was awarded to the Consortium led by LINPICO, on 12th November 2018 came to an end on 12th August 2022.

Project activities were implemented by 1 key expert (team leader), with an input of 690 working days, and non-key experts for short-term interventions of 617 working days in total.

Technical assistance activities were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with periods of “state of emergency” and “state of calamity” decreed by the Angolan State, which forced teleworking on the part of staff and employees of the Ministry of Economy and Planning of Angola (MEP). Nevertheless, under this project 14 short term missions have been successfully implemented:

  • Training Courses on programming and implementation of EU funded projects and programs.
  • Training on Project Cycle Management.
  • Updating the EU Cooperation Management Manuals.
  • Preparation of the Multi-Annual Indicative Program for Angola-EU Cooperation 2021-2027:
  • EU Budget Support Training.
  • Strengthening Communication and Visibility of EU aid amongst the various development cooperation actors in Angola.
  • Preparation of the Public Finance Management and Transparency Report in Angola.
  • Support for the Legal Constitution of the Observatory of the Informal Economy
  • Supporting the Preparation of the National Report on the Implementation of Agenda 2063.
  • Training on the National Planning System.
  • Strengthening the technical, administrative and management capacities of European cooperation.
  • Preparation of the Evaluation Report of Transparency and Finance Management in Angola as part of the EU’s budget support assessment criteria.
  • The support for the preparation of the IV Ministerial Meeting and institutional diagnosis activities for the Support Services to the National Authorizing Officer (SAON) on 11 March 2019. These Ministerial talks covered a broad spectrum of issues: economic cooperation, sustainable development, governance and human rights, multilateral and global challenges such as peace, security and climate change. This meeting was co-chaired by the Minister of External Relations of the Republic of Angola, Manuel Domingos Augusto and the Minister of Economy and Planning of the Republic of Angola Pedro Luís da Fonseca on the Angolan side and on the EU side by the Vice Prime Minister of Romania, Ana Birchall, representing the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The participants reiterated their full commitment to maintaining the Joint Way Forward as a forum for constructive dialogue and cooperation based on the principles of mutual respect, openness, democracy, rule of law and transparency. Such a partnership can allow a fruitful cooperation with a view to tackle internal and global challenges in the interest of both Angola and the EU.
  • The development and operationalisation of a web-based platform ([email protected]) for recording and managing information on projects and programs. This platform available via the MEP website ( allows the Angolan government and all donors involved in bi or multilateral projects with Angola to consult other donors projects information and modify their own project information. From the International Cooperation subsection the general public can also access information on all EU funded projects in Angola. This systematization of information regarding the implementation of other projects financed within the scope of multilateral and bilateral cooperation will be crucial for an adequate monitoring of development partner cooperation.

A ROM evaluation of this project was carried out between the 24th of January and the 1st of February 2022. Both SAON and the EUD expressed satisfaction with the performance of the intervention, and with the long-term TA provided by LINPICO, in the reinforcement of technical project management skills in indirect management by the NAO and in other interventions related to the SAON’s role in the implementation of EU-funded cooperation in Angola. Feedback from the meetings held with representatives of the NAO was extremely positive regarding the quality of the human resources mobilized by the TA and in particular of the Team leader, Mr Jose Luis Cardoso, for being an added value for the functioning of the SAON, both in terms of the permanent transmission of knowledge and in terms of facilitating positive dialogue with the EUD.

Fiscal Transition Project in West Africa

The fiscal transition project in West Africa that Linpico is running together with Adam Smith International is going swimmingly!

Our experts on the field are supporting the WAEMU and ECOWAS member states for improving tax management; strengthening measures for tackling fraud, tax evasion and illicit financial flows to improve tax revenues; and strengthening the regional and national fiscal transition coordination systems.

This is a € 6,120,000 project financed by the European Commission, which you can read more about it in the various local news stories of the last weeks:

Training workshops in São Tomé and Príncipe – Support to the Office of Public Finance Reforms (GARFIP)

Since January 2021, Linpico’s team in São Tomé and Príncipe has been involved in a project to support the Office of Public Finance Reforms (GARFIP). Our experts assist in the formulation and delivery of medium-term fiscal frameworks and transparent, comprehensive and credible annual budgets that shall strengthen fiscal discipline, strategic resource allocation and efficient public service delivery.
After three interesting training workshops delivered in October, a new appointment was held in the last few days with the aim of presenting the new modules, climate and gender, which will be applied in the next PEFA national assessment, scheduled for late 2023 or early 2024:

Expert in Municipal Revenue Management to work in Mozambique

Linpico is seeking an Expert in Municipal Revenue Management to work in Mozambique on a World Bank funded project starting 2022 to strengthen municipal financial management. Candidates should have:


  • Degree in economics, management, accounting or related areas


  • Minimum experience of 15 years in conducting processes for structuring municipal tax areas with emphasis on property, territorial and economic taxation, (ii) structuring the database of taxpayers and taxable objects; (iii) innovative billing, collection, payment and payment control methods for municipal taxes, as well as sensitization raising procedures for paying taxes


  • Experience in African countries highly desirable


  • Fluency in the portuguese language and desirable written and spoken command of the English language


Please contact Ivan linhart at the following e-mail address [email protected] for further information and sending your application.



Papua New Guinea: Short Term Expert for Public Money Management Regularization

LINPICO Sarl is currently seeking applications for a PFM Expert with experience of developing legal and regulatory frameworks, to assist the Department of Finance of Papua New Guinea with Public Money Management. This is a short-term Senior Expert position, with a duration of up to 65 Working Days. Expected project end date: June 2022.

Specific objective 1 – Public Money Management Regularization Act 2017 (PMMR)

  • Task 1 – Develop the processes for the consideration and resolution of all PMMR submissions to the Strategic Budget Committee (SBC) under the PMMR. This task is completed.
  • Task 2 – Develop the processes for the sweeping of all revenue accounts on a weekly basis. These processes have been fully developed. This task is completed.
  • Task 3 – Develop the processes for the identification and verification of expired appropriations. These processes have been fully developed. This task is completed.
  • Task 5 – Training and mentoring of the staff of the Non-tax Revenue Division of DoF to implement the processes developed under Tasks 1-3 (inclusive) has commenced and continues throughout the life of the project.

Specific objective 2 – Legislative Review

  • Task 1 – Review all laws in PNG to ensure compliance with the PFMA and the PMMR. These are being implemented as part of the on-going fees and charges reviews. The project has provided support in developing a legislative template of all of the laws to be reviewed. This substantially lessens the future workload as the other laws will be reviewed within that standard template that allows for faster finalisation of the remaining laws to be amended.
  • Task 2 – Create a Technical Working Group of key stakeholders to guide the review. The TWG is created and operating and its activities are reported on a monthly basis.
  • Task 3 – Draft the necessary National Executive Council submissions to obtain approval for the amendments.
  • Task 4 – Draft all drafting instructions and Bills to affect the amendments.
  • Task 5 – Draft the consolidated versions of the amended laws.

The minimum qualifications and skills required:

− At least a masters’ degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant, directly related discipline (e.g. legal or financial management). Alternatively, an equivalent professional experience in a related field of at least 5 years – in addition to the professional experience required below – could replace an advanced degree. − The Expert must be fully proficient in written and spoken English.


General professional experience

− At least 12 years of professional experience in legal/financial management.

Specific professional experiences:

− A minimum of 5 years of senior professional experience in law, drafting and public financial management implementation processes.

− A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in directing, managing and implementing financial management improvement reforms.

− A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in working with public sector in conducting financial management review.

− Completed at least 3 assignments in developing countries.

− Completed at least 1 assignment in the Pacific Islands Countries would be an advantage.

Please email your most recent and tailored CV to Ilia Zedginidze on with cc to indicating ‘PFM Legal Expert’ in the subject.


Consultancy for the provision of Project Management Services to the Directorate of Customs Union and Taxation of the ECOWAS Commission for the Implementation of the Project Streamlining Tax, Revenue Management, and digitalization of Customs Administrations in 5 ECOWAS Countries – Multinational (Liberia, Mali Niger, Sierra Leone and The Gambia).

The Project Management firm is to assist in the implementation of the technical assistance and capacity building for Customs Administrations in Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone and the Gambia under the project called: streamlining tax, revenue management and digitalization of customs administrations in 5 ECOWAS States.


More specifically, the project will:

  • Establish the interconnectivity of customs systems that allows the automated transmission of customs data in order to facilitate the movement of transit cargo along trade corridors in Mali and the Gambia;
  • Set up a pilot tracking system for petroleum products in Niger;
  • Modernize Customs information technology infrastructure, through system upgrade (ASYCUDA ++ to World) and roll out to support electronic data management to enable the Customs administrations of Liberia and Sierra Leone to strengthen their internal capacities by streamlining of tax and revenue management;
  • Facilitate the effective implementation of the ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme which is a regional and cross border initiative on the movement of goods and services.
  • Establish a digital payments ecosystem, capable of supporting all types of mass payments to ensure the transparency, security and optimisation of public resource management;
  • Allow tax and customs administrations and other government bodies, through digitisation and automation, to improve public resource management effectiveness and efficiency as well as transparency;
  • Encourage the financial inclusion of vulnerable segments of the population by promoting G2P and P2G payments and providing meaningful financial education; and
  • Develop the population’s tax compliance through digital channels and contribute to the formalisation of VSE primarily operating in the informal sector.


LINPICO is looking for the following experts :

  1. Coordinator/Trade Facilitation Expert to oversee the implementation of the project according to a project schedule, with milestones, due dates and resources, in coordination with the staff of the Directorate of Customs Union and Taxation of the ECOWAS Commission. The Coordinator will help with the documentation of each phase of the project, as well as working with teams to submit progress reports, and build relationships with in-country teams and partners to support the success and impact of project activities.


  1. Procurement Specialist to provide the highest standards of procurement services and advice to the project, as well as ensuring the integrity and transparency of the procurement process and compliance with the AfDB Bank rules and regulations. The Procurement Officer will work with the Director of Financial Reporting and Reconciliation of the ECOWAS Commission to provide clarifications and advice on procurement procedures and practices; manage filing and archiving of administrative and technical documents and update registers regularly; maintain relevant internal databases and files; keeps track of contractual agreements and purchase orders; maintain a proper and systematic archive system.


  1. Accountant to implement sound accounting systems, maintaining up to date project accounts, day-to-day administration of project funds and ensuring that these conform to the administrative and financial requirements and procedures and in line with the African Development Bank-funded projects financial management requirements. The Accountant will prepare annual and quarterly financial reports in compliance with the applicable accounting standards; Facilitate and support the Project Coordinator and the Project Management Team in organizing the logistics to facilitate project implementation; Supporting capacity building within the implementing agency with regard to donor financial management requirements.


  1. M&E Specialist to review an M&E management framework/system for the implementing agency; Working in necessary coordination with the other relevant implementing agencies with the assistance of M&E officers to establish project specific M&E frameworks and/or systems, collect necessary data and undertaking necessary analysis of the data collected, evaluate the project implementation in term of achievement of project development objectives and compliance with the project development objectives; Establish and implement the M&E system for the institution in relation to the specific projects/ programs; Collect necessary data for monitoring and evaluating the project; Monitor and review project implementation regularly to assess delivery, identify challenges and bottlenecks and explore practical solutions; Assist the ECOWAS Commission in generating regular quarterly reports and annually report.



Please email your Curriculum Vitae to Ismaël AMOUSSA on with “ECOWAS CUSTOMS – Position Title” in the subject and Cc. In and

Conduite de l’analyse sectorielle du climat des affaires dans les chaînes de valeur ciblées par le Projet Régional de Développement Agricole Intégré dans les Grands Lacs (PRDAIGL) (riz, maïs, et produits laitiers) dans la zone du Projet au Burundi.

L’objectif global de cette consultance est de réaliser une étude sectorielle dans les filières riz, maïs et produits laitiers en vue de dégager l’état des lieux exprimé en termes de contraintes, de faiblesses, de forces de potentialités, d’opportunités et de menaces. Les contraintes qui seront relevées constituent des goulots d’étranglements qui minent le climat des affaires dans les filières précitées et auxquelles, il faudra trouver des solutions adéquates pour asseoir un environnement favorable à l’investissement, stimuler l’apport de devises à travers les exportations, d’une part, et d’autre part créer des emplois dans le domaine des trois filières et de l’agrobusiness.

Les objectifs spécifiques sont les suivants

  • Faire l’analyse de l’état des lieux dans le domaine du climat des affaires avec une attention particulière sur les chaînes de valeur ciblées par le Projet ;
  • Identifier les points forts à renforcer et les faiblesses à redresser liés aux investissements dans le secteur agricole en général et dans les chaînes de valeur ciblées par le Projet en particulier ;
  • Proposer des mesures correctives en vue de l’amélioration des climats des affaires des chaînes de valeur du riz, du maïs et des produits laitiers ;
  • Identifier et élaborer une base de données des acteurs par maillon de chaque chaîne de valeur ;
  • Identifier les besoins prioritaires en investissement à favoriser et proposer des mesures de mise en œuvre et des mécanismes d’accompagnent.

Dans le cadre de ce projet LINPICO recherche des experts avec le profil suivant :

  • Le chef de mission devra :
  • Être titulaire d’un diplôme de niveau Bac + 5 au moins, en Economie Agricole/Rurale, Economie du Développement, Agroéconomie, ou tout autre Diplôme équivalent ;
  • Avoir une formation pertinente en Suivi et Evaluation des projets ;
  • Avoir une expérience d’au moins cinq (05) ans dans le domaine du développement agricole, spécialement dans l’exécution de projets agricoles ;
  • Avoir été chef de mission d’au moins une étude de ce genre durant les 5 dernières années ;
  • Maîtriser également   les trois approches de l’analyse sectorielle à savoir : L’analyse SCP(Structure-Comportement-Performance), l’analyse PESTEL (Politique, Economie, Social, Technologique, Environnement, Légal) et l’analyse FFOM (Forces, Faiblesses, Opportunités, Menaces)
  • Avoir une bonne connaissance du fonctionnement des filières agricoles et de l’approche chaînes de valeur ;
  • Avoir une bonne connaissance des politiques nationales de développement du monde rural ;
  • Avoir une connaissance solide en développement rural, avec une attention particulière sur les processus participatifs, la gestion participative des questions liées au genre ;
  • Avoir une bonne capacité dans la rédaction des rapports,
  • Avoir une bonne maîtrise de l’outil informatique.
  • Fournir des références qui peuvent confirmer ses capacités.
  • Le Statisticien devra :
  • Être titulaire d’un diplôme universitaire (Bac +4) en statistiques au minimum ;
  •  Avoir des connaissances approfondies des logiciels spécialisés en statistiques comme par exemple : SPSS, EPI-infos ; STATA ou SAS ;
  • Avoir organisé et exécuté au moins 3 enquêtes durant les 5 dernières années ;
  • Avoir au moins cinq (5) années d’expérience professionnelle, dont au moins deux ans dans la conduite des enquêtes, y compris la formulation des questionnaires, la direction des entretiens et groupes de discussion (“focus groups”), la collecte des données, la constitution des bases de données ainsi que le traitement des données ;
  • Avoir de solides connaissances des méthodes et techniques d’enquête ;
  • Avoir de solides connaissances dans le traitement et l’analyse des données ;
  • Avoir une bonne capacité dans la rédaction des rapports, capacité de lire en Anglais ;
  • Avoir une bonne maîtrise de l’outil informatique ;
  • Fournir des références qui peuvent confirmer ses capacités.
  • Les trois autres consultants :
  • Consultant filière Riz
  • Consultant filière Maïs
  • Consultant produits laitiers

Un à un responsable de l’étude pour chacune des 3 filières : riz, maïs et produits laitiers respectivement devront :

  • Être de nationalité burundaise ;
  • Avoir un diplôme de niveau Bac + 4 au moins en Agronomie ou en Zootechnie, ou en Socio-économie ;
  • Avoir une bonne connaissance du fonctionnement des filières agricoles et de l’approche chaînes de valeur ;
  • Avoir une expérience professionnelle d’au moins 5 ans dans le domaine de développement agricole, spécialement dans l’exécution de projets agricoles dont trois ans au moins dans le fonctionnement de la chaîne de valeur (soit riz, soit maïs et soit produits laitiers) pour laquelle le consultant est alignée ;
  • Avoir réalisé au moins 2 études semblables à la satisfaction du commanditaire sur les études de rentabilité des systèmes de productions et dans le cadre des chaînes de valeur ;
  • Maîtriser également   les trois approches de l’analyse sectorielle à savoir : L’analyse SCP(Structure-Comportement-Performance), l’analyse PESTEL (Politique, Economie, Social, Technologique, Environnement, Légal) et l’analyse FFOM (Forces, Faiblesses, Opportunités, Menaces) ou des approches apparentées ou semblables
  • Avoir une bonne connaissance de l’environnement burundais et des opportunités de création d’entreprises.

Langue(s) de travail : La langue de travail est le français.
Merci d’envoyer votre candidature (CV détaillé) à l’adresse suivante : ([email protected] et en copie) avec la référence «PRDAIGL – type de poste recherché » en objet du mail.

FWC SIEA 2018 -Lot 5 (Budget Support)

According to the latest SIEA 2018 Framework Contract statistics published by DG INTPA Framework contract SIEA 2018 | International Partnerships ( the consortium led by Linpico is now the first ranked contractor by total value of contracts awarded under Lot 5 (Budget Support). The total value of contracts awarded up until the end of 2020 was €29.5 million, of which € 6.4 million, representing 35 specific contracts, has been awarded to the Linpico consortium.   

We extend a particular thanks to our experts and look forward to working together for another two years, now that the SIEA 2018 has been extended until May 2023.



JOB TYPE: Full-time, fixed-term contract (CDD) 12-18 months, with possibility of a permanent contract at the end of it.

LOCATION:  Linpico Head Office (Les Arcs sur Argens, Var, France) and/or Remotely

SUPERVISOR/MANAGER: Framework Contracts Manager : [email protected] for contacts (copy [email protected])


Linpico is an international development consultancy. We implement projects funded by International Donors (such as the European Union, or the World Bank) that aim to support developing countries’ governments in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their public policies.

Linpico’s projects cover five main sectors: Public Finance Management, including Budget Support; Education; Governance and Aid Management; Trade and Private Sector Development and Information Technology. Our projects are in all regions of the world, in over 80 countries. They are both long- and short-term, ranging from several years to a few months in length.

Our head office is located in the South of France; we also have an office in Burkina Faso. Linpico employs 17 permanent staff in the following departments: General Management; Project Management and Framework Contracts; Administrative and Technical Support; Finance and Contracts Administration.

This job description refers to a position within the Framework Contracts Department.

The Department deals with short-term projects of a value up to 1 million EUR, which are tendered under the umbrella of a wider 4-year long EU Framework Contract. Linpico is leading a Consortium for Lot 5 relating to Budget Support; and is the member of a Consortium for Lot 1 relating to Natural Resource Management.


  • Search for experts based on each project’s requirement, contact the best candidates;
  • Coordinate the search and keep track of all experts contacted, follow-up on best candidates;
  • Evaluate profiles of experts, discuss proposed selection with the Framework Director, and close deals with the selected candidates;
  • Preparation of financial and technical proposals (including tailoring CVs, drafting methodologies and budgets, doing background research);
  • Take on the responsibility of managing ongoing projects – getting updates from experts in the field; preparing contract documents; quality control of deliverables and reports; coordination of experts’ work; monitoring the budget, etc.;
  • Track statistics and data about proposals and projects to support internal and EU reporting;
  • Other tasks as directed.


  • University Degree (Master’s degree is an advantage)
  • Experience in a similar position, with specific knowledge of EU-funded contracts;
  • Experience searching for and contracting experts within a short timeframe;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English – Fluency in French or Spanish required; both would be an advantage.
  • Organized and able to meet deadlines;
  • Able to prioritise tasks and remain calm to deliver under pressure;
  • Proactive and eager to learn and gain autonomy.