Modernisation of Public Finance Support Project (PAMFIP) in the DRC, achievements and realisations of LINPICO Technical Assistance

The Modernization of Public Finance Support Project (PAMFIP), implemented by Linpico since 2011, has been completed. It has enabled the support of the ongoing reform of public finances, together with COFED, COREF and the European Union.

LINPICO Technical Assistance has provided support to each of the two PAMFIP beneficiary services: the Department of Public Accounting (DCP) on the one hand, the General Directorate of Administrative and Land Revenue (DGRAD) on the other hand, each one in charge of one of the two components : modernization of the State Accounting and Securing Administrative and State Revenue.

For the Modernization of public accounting (managed by the DCP), the financial administration now has a renovated regulatory framework in line with the LOFIP, an accounting system (including IFMS) and a modern computer network covering the management of the public finances of the authorizing officer to the accountant, ranging from the notification of budgetary appropriations to the preparation of the law of accountability, and organising the accounting centralisation via the network of Public Accountants.

With respect to the Securing of Administrative and State Revenue (managed by the DGRAD), a computerised and secure non-tax revenue management system has also been set up, as well as a production, storage and processing and management system of valuable printed matter to prevent fraud.

PAMFIP also trained the human resources responsible for administering public finances and state revenues.

In the field of infrastructure, the project supported by LINPICO Technical Assistance supported the upgrading and equipment of the buildings and premises of the DCP and the DGRAD in Kinshasa and in the provinces.

Thus, after more than six years of technical assistance, substantial, visible progress has been made in the public finance sector. These results will be presented at a dissemination seminar of the achievements of PAMFIP in Kinshasa. They will be reinforced by the continuation of certain activities foreseen in the Action Plan still to be finalised and will thus be able to consolidate the efforts already made to contribute to the improvement of the management of Congolese Public Finances.

For any request for clarification or additional information you can contact Axel Cambrillat the Project Manager at Linpico: