Linpico has provided experts for 4 awarded EU funded framework contracts in the month November. Linpico is providing experts for the following contracts:
Framework contracts Commission 2011 Lot 1:
Worldwide – Operational support for EU Delegations implementing Thematic Programme on Non State Actors / Local Authorities. This project will provide support for the organisation of information, capacity-building and networking sessions for potential or actual beneficiaries of the thematic programme. It will also support quality implementation of the NSA/LA portfolio at country level. (Budget € 614.000)
Caribbean Region – Monitoring the implementation and results of the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). This project will involve the review of objective data related to the EPA, as well as the review of the implementation of the EPA by both parties (compliance). This will help to take stock of economic results and its achievement of development objectives. (Budget € 349.000)
Turkey – Evaluation and impact assessment of the European Union’s past and present (on going) support to Agriculture Sector in Turkey,with a view to come up with recommendations for future actions to promote in the framework of a sector approach. (Budget € 150.000) 
Framework contracts beneficiaries 2009 Lot 11:
South Africa Development of a Public Financial Management Education, Training and Development Model. This will enable and ensure effective delivery of public financial management learning solutions in the National and Provincial government spheres. (Budget € 79.000)
Framework contracts beneficiaries 2009 Lot 3:
Yemen – Needs assessment for development of Civil Register. The purpose of this project is to develop an appropriate IT solution for the national roll-out of the civil registry system, including technical requirements. The aim is to identify training needs for CR authority staff in relation to maintaining a functioning electronic civil register and to prepare technical requirements for equipment in order to allow the establishment of a full tender dossier for procurement/supplies. (Budget €190.000)