SIEA 2018 Lot 5 Update

Since the launch in June 2018 of the Framework Contract Services for the Implementation of External Aid (SIEA) 2018, Linpico has led a successful Consortium of ten partners in Lot 5: Budget Support.

Having been invited to tender in more than 50 Requests for Services, the Consortium has so far proposed over 100 experts in projects worth a total of €11m.

As the Consortium has grown from strength to strength, successes have followed. Linpico has thus far won 12 projects in all corners of the globe, from Papua New Guinea to Jamaica and everywhere in between. This has required the mobilisation of approximately two dozen experts for assignments totalling €2.8m of aid.

As this Framework Contract develops over the coming months and years, the Consortium is well-positioned to sustain the achievements it has already enjoyed and further build on its accomplishments to remain at the forefront of the industry.