The 2023 Assessment of the public finance management system of the Republic of Niger implemented by Linpico obtained the PEFA Check on June 18, 2023

The 2023 evaluation of the public finance management system of the Republic of Niger implemented by the firm LINPICO for the part financed by the European Union is the fourth after those of 2016, 2013 and 2008. The particularity of this evaluation is that it includes a gender-sensitive public financial management assessment and a climate-sensitive public financial management assessment according to the methodologies developed by the PEFA Secretariat.

The European Union, the French Development Agency and UNICEF funded this assessment and called on independent international experts to conduct it. A college of reviewers including the Government of Niger and the PEFA Secretariat were invited to examine the successive versions of the PEFA report as part of the “PEFA CHECK” quality control process.

The evaluation was coordinated on the Government side by the Ministry of Finance and on the technical and financial partner side by the Delegation of the European Union. A management and supervision team has been set up to coordinate the evaluation and guarantee all the conditions for its success.

The evaluation is carried out by a team of international experts in public finance management made available by the firm LINPICO for the part on EU funding.

The evaluation took place between July 2022 and May 2023 and benefited from data collected during the three field missions. It covers the last three closed financial years, namely 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The purpose of this assessment is to measure the performance of Niger’s public finance management system according to the PEFA 2016 methodology, and to measure the sensitivity of the public finance management system to gender and climate.

This assessment covers the thirty-one domains of public finance management, the nine domains of Gender-sensitive PFM and the fourteen domains of Climate-sensitive PFM. It measures the impact of this management on the following three main objectives of public finance management: (i) overall budgetary discipline, ii) the strategic allocation of resources and (iii) the efficient use of resources for financial purposes of public service delivery.