Communication activities and tools implemented by Linpico for the PATF

The PATF now has a revamped and fully operational website. The official launch took place on June 15, 2023, during a hybrid ceremony that brought together in-person speakers and online participants. This marks a significant milestone with a platform for sharing information and best practices in tax management.

The website can be accessed at the following address: www.patf-ao.orgn 


In conjunction with this launch, it is worth noting that digital tools have been created as part of the Program’s communication efforts. These include: a  Facebook page, a Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and a YouTube channel.

The goal is to reach specific target audiences through each of these platforms.


In order to facilitate effective communication about PATF and following the creation of the communication charter, visuals have been produced. These visuals help with the easy identification of all PATF communication materials, establishing a graphical and visual link between all generated activities and resources. One (1) institutional PATF visual has been adopted, along with six (6) thematic visuals, each with variations in English and Portuguese.









As part of its public communication efforts, PATF has produced podcasts. These are radio broadcasts aimed at introducing PATF, its missions, and areas of intervention, as well as promoting the benefits of sound fiscal practices for the general population.

Listen to the podcasts on the PATF YouTube channel